What is CRM and how it works?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of efficient communications and interactions between customers across all customer touchpoints.

To understand what is meant by customer relationships, we first must define what a customer is.

A customer is an individual human being or a legal person (company) who has bought at least one of your products or services.

Now let’s map the buying journey. The first step is awareness. Customer knows that your brand exists either by searching on google, social networks, a referral from friends and families or any other way. The second step is familiarity. Customer will look for more information’s. They will compare your products or services with other providers. Then they will create a shortlist in their mind and finally purchase. These are the four steps of the journey. And a good CRM Software integrates all those customer-facing activities on a buying journey.

When they are considering your product to buy but have not yet bought are called leads.


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